COVID-19 Service Information

We continue to be open during these trying times and are committed to serving our clients the best we can. Although we are still honouring our regular business hours we ask that you please note the following:

Get A Head Start

We know how important it is to get your device back up and running, that's why we've set up this form for you to fill out so we can get the ball rolling on your repair.

Carefully Read & Understand The Following:

  • Out of warranty services are subject to a $45 Diagnostic Fee for all mobile devices including Apple Watches and $60 diagnostic fee for desktops or laptops. This means if the manufacturer's warranty is not applicable to your device, there will be a cost associated with servicing your device.
  • Any device scheduled to be coming in for service, MUST have the “Find my iPhone" (device) feature disabled. Not doing so will extend your down time and incur unnecessary costs associated with the repair.
  • Average turnaround time for all repairs is 3-5 business days.
  • Servall Canada is not responsible for any loss of data to the serviced device or any other damage. It is your responsibility to backup your data before sending in your device for service.
  • Equipment left behind without returning our phone calls, voicemails messages, emails and not picked up or paid for after 90 days will be considered abandoned by law. Hardware or material in the repair will be removed from your equipment and disposed.
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